Precious Pastures

Precious Pastures was started by sisters Emily (20) and Claire Plapp (14) in 2014. What started out as a 4-H project has developed into a passion for providing delicious raw milk to interested consumers. Precious Pastures is a family-owned and operated business comprised of Claire and Emily (co-owners), dad Adrian (farm manager), mom Debbie (bookkeeper), and sister Kendall (design and media manager).

They now milk mostly Jersey and Guernsey cows, and you can meet the herd here! Our cows have access to pasture and water and also eat certified organic oats and hay.

You've come to the right place for quality raw milk in Illinois. We seek to bring you the best. Check out the rest of the dairy website for more information on the farm, the family, the cows, and the raw milk.

*In December 2016, Precious Pastures became the third raw milk dairy in IL to receive a raw milk permit from IL Dept. of Public Health, which allows for the legal sale of raw milk.