Precious Pastures

When Emily was younger, she experienced numerous ear infections, which required countless rounds of antibiotics. An adverse reaction to one of these antibiotics resulted in a 48-hour hospitalization, due to internal bleeding. After a horrible afternoon undergoing a patch skin test at the allergist’s office, it was determined that she was allergic to milk. Debbie tried to switch to soy and rice milk, but Emily wasn’t having any of that! One day, while the Amish sheep-shearer was at the farm, he told Adrian “she needs to start drinking raw milk.” Adrian ended up buying a pregnant Jersey heifer named Precious from the sheep-shearer and brought her home to Debbie on their twelfth wedding anniversary. (Despite that, they are still married!) Emily, Kendall, and Claire were ecstatic, and were soon accompanying Adrian to the barn at milking time and trying to make a pet of the calf. After adding raw milk to her diet, Emily no longer experienced any ear problems.

As Emily grew older, she decided to show a dairy calf at the 4-H fair. Her first year she showed Tesla, a registered purebred Jersey heifer. Emily showed Tesla for three years before deciding that she wanted more calves to show. So where did Adrian look for calves? Craigslist! He bought 3 purebred Jersey calves from an organic dairy in WI. Emily continued to show the calves for the Malta Mustangs 4-H club and Rochelle FFA until she graduated in 2012, and now Claire continues to show the cows and their offspring for the Esmond Echoes 4-H group and Rochelle FFA.

Over the next few years, the Jersey herd expanded to 12 cows, and in 2014, Emily and Claire doubled their herd with the purchase of 12 Guernsey cows. They now rent a farm with a pasture, and all of the cows are now living happily at 387 S Malta Road. The herd is increasing with the purchase of new cows and the addition of offspring from the Jersey/Guernsey herd. During the school year, Adrian and an employee do the milking during the week, and the girls help on the weekends. Claire graduated from Rochelle Township High School in 2018 and Emily graduated from Kansas State University in 2016 with a degree in Food Science.

Though the milk itself is not certified organic, the cows are fed oats and hay from our certified organic farm. Their meals are also supplemented with organic minerals and the cows have access to 6 acres of grassy pasture.

Emily and Claire are hoping to meet people who share a desire to drink delicious raw milk. Please don’t hesitate to contact Precious Pastures or schedule a visit to the farm. The girls strive to provide a quality product and would enjoy meeting you!
Click through the photographs above for a little visual history of Precious Pastures. 4-H and FFA have been great inspirations for Emily and Claire.

Precious Pastures was fostered and continues to grow because of our love of dairy cows and the dairy industry, as well as our desire to provide people with delicious and healthy raw milk from wonderful cows. Thank you for visiting our site and supporting small farm businesses!